Water Ketch Employees

2024:  Springtime, we are forming our teams with awesome techs, and now we are hiring an experienced highly qualified Service Manager to boost productivity and build our capacity in our service area. Expectations include supervising work, and leading teams to provide remarkably excellent service.  We are growing the best team.  Interested?  Read the expected qualifications below and fill out our intake form and indicate "Service Manager" to trigger a callback and next steps for joining the team at Water Ketch Sprinkler.

We don't like to turn down talent, and we're always on the lookout for awesome team members.  Lead Techs, please fill out our intake form and indicate "Team Lead Technician" to trigger a callback and next steps for joining the team.  We are also generally on the lookout for rookies or mid-level technicians with a little experience but not yet ready for a lead technician position.  Interested in working with Water Ketch?  First check out our About Us page by clicking here.  If you are eager to join and work physically outside in the elements while learning many troubleshooting and repair skills, please fill out our intake form and indicate "Irrigation Technician Assistant" to trigger a callback and next steps for joining our team.

Service Manager candidates are expected to have 9 years of hands-on repairs experience with irrigation systems.  IA Certification is a plus. Most important is the hands-on repair service experience.

Service Manager candidates are qualified if they are proficient in:

Landscape and Irrigation System Design

Bidding and Estimates

Contract Client Property Management

Actively leading teams and inspiring the best of people.

The service Manager position is 50/50 with being an active Lead Technician in the field.  Wages start at $36 for qualified candidates and benefits include health and retirement contribution matching.

Click here to fill out a form with basic contact info for our hiring team!

Water Ketch Sprinkler is the premier sprinkler service and repair company in our area, which is the southern part of the Denver Metro area.  We pride ourselves and serve our clients with the utmost in quality, as well as efficiency and convenience for our clientele.  We strive to be state of the art and ahead of the curve with industry expectations and standards.  Lead Technicians fill out work orders, communicate with team and clientele, as well as record photos, sketches, and notes on synced smart mobile devices.  Training and onboarding ensures technicians comply with company standards and ensures consistency throughout the team.  Also, we hire awesome people, so be prepared to work with awesome teammates.

Wages for our technicians range from $22-$32+ per hour and up, depending on experience.  Service Manager Benefits are available and currently onboarded team members get a health insurance benefits as well as employer matching retirement account contributions.

Need year-round income even though our work is highly seasonal in the Denver area?  Ask about the following options: Attached Unemployment, winter wage incentive, Saving Payment Plan, all in addition to the opportunity of a Stay With Us Bonus!  We also have managed many winters with various plans in place so let us know if something in particular works best for you.

Wonder about career advancement and opportunities?  Water Ketch is built on opportunities for advancement and career building.  In fact we have plans in place to create owner/partnership as well as plans in place to move from hourly to commission.  Let us know if you have questions!

The best way to apply is through Indeed or other job search website, but if we don't have a current advertisement in the works you are welcome to email your resume and letter of interest to

Click here to fill out a form with basic contact info for our hiring team!  (You can also use this to give extra info or ask questions)