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Commercial general liability insurance, including broad form contractual liability, personal injury liability, advertising liability, and products/completed operations liability coverage with minimum limits of liability of $500,000.00 each occurrence, $500,000.00 general aggregate, $500,000.00 products completed operations aggregate, and $25,000.00 damage to rented premises.

Auto liability insurance covering owned, non-owned and leased or hired vehicles with the minimum amounts of $1,000,000.00 each accident. 

Workers Compensation coverage with Employer’s Liability Coverage of at least $1,000,000 and otherwise as required under applicable state law insurance, including coverage for subcontractors, agents, temporary employees, and volunteers.  



Water Ketch Sprinkler (herein referred to as WK) shall:

  • Replace defective parts at no charge for the first 90 days after installation.
  • Correct craftsmanship errors at no charge within one year of installation.
  • Reserve the right to amend this warranty at any time.

WK guarantees it can solve any irrigation problem. Anywhere. Efficiently and effectively. 




WK shall NOT be responsible for:

  • Performance of a Backflow during required inspections where applicable even if backflow is brand new. 
  • Backflow parts malfunctioning after a winterization.
  • Backflows that have frozen from not being properly protected with Insulation and/or a permanent enclosure.


WK shall NOT be responsible for:

  • Loss of program due to power outage or low battery.
  • The payment of fines due to program not in keeping with water restrictions, unless specifically stated in a yearly maintenance contract.
  • Unless WK has a contract with you to monitor your controller program weekly, WK is not

responsible for controller program on a seasonal basis. It is the customers responsibility to understand how to program the controller, and to monitor the program weekly as the season progresses for changes in weather.

  • We utilize a standard program of 3 start times; 12am and 2am and 4am, Watering 3 days per week; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 5 minutes on standard spray nozzles, 15-20 minutes on rotor zones, 10 minutes on Toro Precision Nozzles, and 12-15 minutes on MP Rotator Nozzles.
  • Conducting a Catch-Can Water Audit during B-Hyve controller Installation unless Specifically Contracted to do so.
  • We set programs using the Denver Water Guidelines. https://www.denverwater.org/residential/rebates-and-conservation-tips/summer-watering-rules

See Lawn Watering Times



  • WK shall honor the manufacturer’s warranty for the product itself, however, after 90 days, WK shall charge our current labor charges to replace the product, including the 1st ¼ hour fee.
  • Any controller damage that can be demonstrated to be caused by lightning IS NOT covered in any warranty.
  • Troubleshooting and correcting problems resulting from ambient static charges or router problems with Wifi controllers is NOT covered under warranty.



WK shall NOT be responsible for:

  • Thorough inspection of drip zones unless specifically requested.
  • The performance of any micro-spray system, even after repairs.
    • Emitters can easily clog and break.
    • Water Ketch does not recommend the use of micro sprays in general and has observed they have a low life expectancy and high damage rate.
  • Kinks in drip pipe caused during a repair.



WK shall NOT be responsible for:

  • Pinhole leaks, without having been previously contracted to perform a 24-hour pressure gauge check, using isolated conditions.
  • Excessive water use, from leaks not readily apparent, and particularly, without doing a Gallons Per Minute Reading and Audit on every zone, to determine projected Gallons vs. Actual Gallons Used. This service is NOT a regular part of Activations, unless Contracted for.
  • Water damages from any system not employing a master valve.
  • Damages caused by any portion of a sprinkler system we have not specifically, directly and previously serviced, no matter how may days or weeks it may take for us to arrive on a service call.
  • Finding leaks upon an initial inspection that take more than a couple of minutes to show.
    • We make every attempt to do thorough inspections, however, without doing a “closed system” test, (all nozzles turned off) on each zone, we cannot be responsible for leaks that appear after our inspection.
    • If leaks are small, the pressure on a zone may not be adversely affected enough for us to determine there is problem.
      • We may not look for leaks until the pressure is significantly affected or nozzles show signs of clogging from debris in the lines.
    • Often a leak starts small and will further split the pipe or enlarge the hole as it runs.
      • Leaks can begin to appear as quickly as the next day after a thorough inspection which did not initially show evidence of a leak or leaks.



WK shall NOT be responsible for:

  • Freeze damage due to the failure of a shut off valve which then seeps-by and fills system after winterization is complete.
    • We leave drains near the shutoff open after the winterization in complete to prevent the accidental filling of the system in the event the shut off does fail.
  • Any freeze damage occurring to an above ground backflow, one or more days after activation and inspection are complete.
    • This includes accumulated freeze cracks in internal plastic parts or whether we winterized system or not, UNLESS there is not an appropriate solid enclosure with additional insulation, protecting the unit.
  • Notifying customer of impending freeze, or the need for programming changes, unless WK is specifically contracted for those services.
  • 12” spray heads that crack due to head being installed too low, and/or having no check valve, and/or having no auto drain at the bottom, and/or are missing a nozzle so that snow can enter the body over the winter.


WK shall NOT be responsible for:

  • Discontinued parts, and/or change in part design that may adversely affect subsequent service calls or this warranty.
  • WK does not design or manufacture sprinklers. We select what we have found is the best in material and design.
    • We cannot be responsible for manufacturers products inherent design flaws.
    • We are NOT responsible for the performance of low grade hardware store materials, or for material supplied by the customer for the job. Generally, we will only use parts that we supply.
  • Toro Hydraulic Conversion Kits.
  • Greenlawn Valves – especially the solenoid – which is known to have defective plungers.



WK shall NOT be responsible for:

  • Damaged heads due to riser staying in the ‘up position’ due to age of seal or debris, and/or head being too low that we did not install.
  • The performance of impact rotors, including roots growing into the casing and making the head malfunction.
    • Even if we have recently serviced the system, an impact rotor can stop turning or become clogged because of the open mechanism design of the impact compared to the closed design of a gear rotor.
    • We only install gear rotors.
    • We will not install impact rotors.
  • The need for cleaning of small debris from nozzles after a service call is completed.
    • Nozzle cleaning is considered standard ongoing maintenance.
  • Fine tuning of the selection of nozzles on a system we did not install as a part of warranty.



WK shall NOT be responsible for:

  • Electric valves stuck in the open or closed position that have not specifically worked on in the last 30 days.
  • Debris later found in nozzles and valves caused by a previous repair job such as soldering a backflow.
  • Greenlawn Valves – especially the solenoid – Parts manufactured since 2016 are known to have defective plungers. We recommend replacing these valves.
  • Costs involved to excavate a valve we have previously worked on, when the customer has opted to NOT have the valve installed inside a valve box.



  • Water hammer and noise issues can be a combination of problems.
  • Excessive flow, severely low flow, excessive pressure, malfunctioning parts; all play a role in creating noise issues.
  • We choose the most likely problems to solve 1st, but often there can be other issues contributing that cannot be found until the 1st issue is repaired. We charge for all these services based upon your budget.

WK shall NOT be responsible for:

Returning to solve noise issues as a warranty service.



WK shall NOT be responsible for:

  • Excessive water use, from leaks not readily apparent, and particularly, without doing a Gallons Per Minute Reading and Audit on every zone, to determine projected Gallons vs. Actual Gallons Used, and without doing a 24-48 hour leak detection service. These services are NOT a regular part of Standard Activations, unless Contracted for.
  • We set programs using the Denver Water Guidelines. https://www.denverwater.org/residential/rebates-and-conservation-tips/summer-watering-rules

See Lawn Watering TImes




  • Our Air Compressors are preset at no more than 60 PSI. This is the average pressure most systems operate at.

WK shall NOT be responsible for:

  • Backflow parts malfunctioning after a winterization.
  • There are some backflows that are made completely of plastic. It is not advised to blow air through these backflows and we will only do so if you understand we are not responsible for their performance after winterization.



WK shall NOT be responsible for:

  • Cutting or nicking wire during a repair. This especially applies to shallow wire, such as invisible fence wire or Cable T.V. drop lines. This includes irrigation wire, phone wire, and Cable T.V.

NOTE: Water Ketch does call for locates when using machinery but does not call for locates when only using hand shovels.  WK can and will repair this wire if it is within our skill level to do so and will charge for it as a part of the regular service call.